Linux TSM Client Help

TSM Backups should be installed on every server.

As of 01 Jan 2016 this is a link to the latest client software and documentation.

The RPMs will need to either be signed and imported into your central management platform (Satellite) or downloaded and installed manually and setup as a service.  Once installed you need to configure the client, this configuration file is normally located in: (/opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/dsm.sys).  Here is an example configuration:

SErvername  server_a
          COMMMethod         TCPip
           TCPPort            1500
       SCHEDLOGNAME "/var/log/dsm/dsmsched.log"
       EXCLUDE.DIR "/proc"
       EXCLUDE.DIR "/tmp"
       EXCLUDE.DIR "/var/opt/rmfpms"
    ERRORLOGNAME "/var/log/dsm/dsmerror.log"
*   ManagedServices   schedule
*   ManagedServices   schedule webclient
    ManagedServices  webclient
    HTTPPort 1685
    WEBPorts 1686 1687

The asterisks (*) is a comment delimiter in the TSM client configuration file.  Once configured start or restart the service.  Some useful commands:

To perform a manual incremental backup of the sever:

dsmc incr

To perform a point-in-time restore:

dsmc> restore -pitdate=02/13/2013 "dev/*" -sub=y



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